Reasons to shop from us

We offer 100% all natural soy wax candles that are handpoured and made to order. Inside our candles is a little Mystery below the wax. You will find either real jewelry or pandora style beads hidden within your candle. Extreme scents and great throw from all our candles. We make every order as they are placed and ship them as soon as they have cured completely. Our average shipping time is 7-10 days depending on when they are ordered. Of course there is no shipping on Sunday or major holidays. We pride ourselves in getting our products out as soon as possible while not compromising our product. We try each of our scents before we offer them to our customers so that we know exactly how they smell when arriving to our customers. House favorite scents include Birthday Cake, Monkey Farts, and Exotic.

Please make sure you are very careful upon checkout!!! With the Warmer Widgets now on sale you have to make sure you select the right shipping method for the Widgets in order to get the proper shipping rate. We will put all orders on hold that do not have the right shipping selected. Example: Candles ship for $11.95 per order as to where Widgets ship for $2.00 per item. PLEASE DO NOT TRY AND ORDER CANDLES WITH THE WIDGETS SHIPPING RATE IT WILL BE REJECTED AND REFUNDED!!!!